Big Business Is Converting To Propane


$70 Million Dollars. That’s how much shipping giant UPS is investing on 1,000 propane-fueled trucks and 50 fueling stations nationwide. Decisions of this magnitude aren’t made indiscriminately.


More and more, large businesses are seeing the benefit of converting their transportation fleets, as well as other equipment, to operate on LPG fuel (propane). The major factor behind this decision is the direct result of the increase in this coveted domestic fuel source.


Generally cheaper than gasoline, propane also helps to extend the engine life a company’s fleet, reducing costly repair bills. Traditional fuel produces a great deal of carbon build up, which is not only detrimental to moving machinery, it’s also harmful to the environment. Propane? According to the Department of Energy not so much as this alternative fuel results in much less pollution than gasoline.


Who else, you ask, has converted to propane? Here’s just a brief sample:


Schwan’s Home Service—Early Propane Adopters

Believe it or not, the home food delivery service has been using propane to bring their delicacies to your front door for more than 40 years.


Blue Bird Vision—Student Transportation Via Propane

Anyone with children will recognize this brand! Blue Bird Vision is the company that manufactures those big yellow school buses. Since 2009 they have been offering vehicles to schools districts powered via propane. They’re largest propane tank available?—the 98 gallon extended-range model!


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream—Keeping Product Cool With Propane

A lot of companies will discuss they are environmentally friendly, but only a handful really go out of their way to truly put their promises into practice. In 2008 our favorite ice cream provider introduced retail freezers fueled by propane. Go ahead and enjoy a pint of Chunky Monkey® knowing you did your part to save the environment!

Several other cities and municipalities across the country are also making the conversion to propane:


Jackson County, GA

The Sheriff’s Department converted 60 cruisers to propane with 20 more planned.


Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Police Department converted 50 Crown Victorias run on propane.


DeKalb County, GA

Converted 200 public works vehicles to propane—since 1998!


New Orleans, LA

Airport Shuttle, the official ground transportation company for the New Orleans International Airport, utilizes 34 vehicles fueled by propane.


Columbus, OH

Yellow Cab—25 Ford Crown Victorias and counting!


What does UPS competitor FedEX think about the upswing in propane conversion? According to online reports, they have tested a propane fueled vehicle on a high mileage route in Buffalo, NY, with an additional 30 vehicles planned…….