Bet You’ve Never Grilled A Banana Before!


Now that summer is officially upon us, if you haven’t fired up your propane grill, chances are you will after reading this article! Yes, we all love tasty burgers, hot dogs, marinaded chicken breast and steaks, but isn’t it time you tried grilling something just a little bit different? In this week’s blog we’re sharing some really unique treats you can prepare over that beautiful propane grill of yours, and, who knows…maybe you’ll start a new summer tradition! Ready to get started?

Grilled Cheese On An Actual Grill!

There really is a difference between a grilled cheese sandwich and a “toasted” cheese sandwich, and we’re willing to bet you more commonly eat the later. Surprise your children with an authentic treat, a truly grilled cheese sandwich prepared over the even heat of your propane grill! The key is to utilize thick, freshly cut bread along with an extra slice of cheese to make your creation that much gooier. A true grill artist can produce not only a very tasty sandwich, they can also ensure the grill marks make your grilled sandwich look like a piece of art!

A Grilled Banana Smore!

You’re going to love this chocolate filled delicacy! Peel a banana, cut it down the center, just like a hoagie sub, and sprinkle chocolate chips and crumbled graham crackers into the crevice. Wrap the banana in aluminum foil and grill on the top rack of with your propane grill set to low— just enough to melt the chocolate chips. This really could become your new, go-to summer dessert!

Assorted Roasted Nuts

You may want to keep this one in mind for when the weather gets a bit chillier! Take a jar of mixed nuts, cashews and almonds and place them in a disposable aluminum pan. Some grill chefs like to sprinkle a mixture of brown sugar in the pan, stirring up the nuts prior to placing them on low heat for about 15 minutes. This delicious snack will most likely prevent you from ever wanting to eat nuts straight from the jar ever again!

Watermelon—Yes, Watermelon

This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, plus, it’s not only healthy, it’s also delicious! Simply cut a watermelon up into wedges, place on your propane grill at very low heat and be prepared for a truly amazing treat. If you want to make it a bit less healthy, consider dusting the watermelon with powdered sugar for an experience your tastebuds will never forget!

Grilled French Fries

Ok, we know the “fries” in French Fries is because, well, they’re intended to be deep fried…right? Says who? Cut fresh potatoes into wedges, spray with olive oil and seasoning, then wrap those babies in some aluminum foil. Place them right next to your burgers or steaks and let them grill until they become a golden brown. If you’ve never had grilled French Fries, trust us, you may never look at this side dish the same way again!

What is the most unique thing you’ve ever prepared on your propane grill? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Have a great, grilling summer!