Announcing A Brand New Resource For Propane Business Owners

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Here at ThompsonGas we understand the world of propane encompasses a wide spectrum of audiences, each with a very unique set of priorities and needs. Our propane customers vary from the business owner who operates a restaurant to a family who is simply seeking a way to save on their utility bills via the use of affordable propane. We provide information to contractors and homebuilders who understand the benefits of constructing a new home powered by propane all the way down to a homeowner who simply wants to install a tankless hot water system.

We’ve also focused quite a bit on businesses considering selling their propane company. For the past decade we’ve provide a wealth of information and advice to this very specific audience, helping them understand a variety of options are available.

It can be very difficult to convey valuable guidance on a consistent basis to such a diverse range of website visitors. After all, does a warehouse manager seeking information on the benefits of converting her forklifts to propane really need to search through articles detailing how to sell your propane company?

It is for this reason ThompsonGas has created an additional resource for propane business owners. We’ve spoken to several dozen propane company owners in the past and discovered there was a true need for an online destination that could provide information related to selling their propane business.

With that being said, we are proud to announce Here business owners will be able to explore their options when it comes to selling their propane company, all in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

This new website will always provide new, timely information for our propane business audience, featuring an enormous amount of insight such as:

  • Examples of the ThompsonGas acquisition models available.
  • Former propane acquisition success stories.
  • Biographies and direct contact information for the ThompsonGas Business Development Team.
  • Consistently updated news, articles and advice from ThompsonGas propane industry veterans.

We invite you to visit, and will continue to provide all of our valued readers with informative, valuable and yes, entertaining advice right here at