A Unique Topic For A Specialized Audience


As a frequent ThompsonGas blog reader you’re used to seeing a variety of topics covered each week. Everything from what type of grill is better to the advantages of installing propane appliances in your home. This week, however, we have a very unique article for a very specialized audience—The Propane Business Owner.

Here we are in the middle of November, and you’re ready for temperatures to drop and snow to fall. You’ve got your fleet loaded up for deliveries and your team has been planning for the fourth quarter business all summer long. But do you find yourself wondering what would happen if you were to step away from the propane industry? Are you considering the possibility of selling your propane company?

ThompsonGas has created a new website dedicated to helping propane business owners like yourself, gain information regarding everything involved in a propane acquisition.

Just some of the topics addressed include:

There is so much valuable information available on our ThompsonGas Acquisitions website that propane business owners simply must make time, even if it’s after the upcoming busy season, to stop by and look around.

The ThompsonGas Acquisition Team will be happy to discuss and evaluate your business, providing you answers to all of your questions regarding what is involved in selling your propane company.

Call Jeff Kerns at 301.432.3882 or Dan Carrigan at 913.638.8677 for a confidential discussion regarding your propane business today.