A Dozen Dynamic Daily Uses For Propane

Hello again ThompsonGas blog readers! If you’re here and are already a proud propane customer, then chances are you already know and appreciate how propane improves your daily life. However, if you’re a first time visitor and found your way to this article—don’t leave! We’ve got some really interesting facts you may have never considered when it comes to the power of propane! In fact, we decided to present an even dozen daily uses for propane, and Number 12 just may surprise you. Ready? Let’s get started!

#1 Propane Can Fuel Your Refrigerator

Yes, believe it or not, when everyone thinks of propane it’s usually in regards to heat, but propane is often utilized by residential clients to keep their groceries cool and their frozen foods, well, frozen!

#2 Consistent Hot Water

We’ve talked about it several times before, but tankless hot water heaters fueled by propane are becoming more and more common—and for good reason! Unlike traditional hot water tanks, propane powered tankless heaters provide consistent hot water while actually being more cost efficient.

#3 Heat Your Home Affordably With Propane

The major reason customers choose propane is to keep their home nice and toasty during the winter months. If you haven’t converted from oil or electric to propane, you’re missing out on some tremendous benefits!

#4 Propane Keeps Your Pool & Hot Tub Nice And Warm

Ever have the experience of jumping into a pool only to find yourself scampering out because the water is so frigid? Temperature is never a problem when using a propane fueled hot tub or swimming pool heater.

#5 Propane Makes Drying Laundry Less Of A Chore

Laundry Day—yuck! All too often when using a natural gas or electric clothes dryer don’t you find yourself having to run your laundry through more than one heat cycle? Propane powered clothes dryers are much more energy efficient and are known to run at a consistent temperature, allowing you to get more done!

#6 Enjoy A Relaxing Night In Front Of Your Propane Fireplace

Go on, admit it! Nothing really compares to a quiet night at home with that special someone in front of a cozy fireplace. And with a beautiful propane flame, there’s never any need to throw another log on the fire or clean out the ashes.

#7 Power Go Out? Not A Problem When You Have A Propane Generator

We’ve all experienced power outages due to thunderstorms, blizzards or unforeseen accidents taking out the electric grid. If you have a propane generator on hand, you can power your entire home while riding the storm out.

#8 Baby, You Can Drive A Propane Car

Now this one is something that may seem way too futuristic, but is indeed true! Propane vehicles have become more and more popular, especially in the transportation industry. In fact, several school districts have converted there bus fleets to propane, helping them extend their budget for other required programs.

#9 Grilling With Propane

Of course you’ve enjoyed a mouth-watering meal prepared on a propane grill…haven’t you? If you’re still using charcoal for your cookouts you really need to check out this article. That being said, did you know…

#10 Cooking In The Kitchen With Propane

…you can even convert your kitchen stove, cooktop or range to operate via propane? That’s right—you too can prepare an amazing meal indoors just like your favorite celebrity chefs!

#11 Make Summer Last Longer

Do you get disappointed when the days get shorter and nights get longer? Beat those end of summer blues by installing a propane outdoor fire pit. Not only will your fire pit be a beautiful addition to your backyard, you’ll also be able to relax comfortably and enjoy those brisk autumn and spring evenings.

#12 Propane Powered Paintball!

We told you Number 12 was a shocker! Were you aware that the majority of high end paintball guns are actually powered by propane? The next time you’re considering a fun paintball expedition with your friends, remember, propane can give you the upper hand hopefully leading to your team’s victory.