A Christmas Story From ThompsonGas


’Twas the week before Christmas, to the mailbox I went,
to retrieve the day’s mail, my wife had me sent.
“Gifts may be there, perhaps a card from a friend!”
But all that I found were bills with no end!

I showed my beloved, the expenses we got.
And the charge for our fuel, was the worst of the lot.
We’re paying this much for our natural gas?
Something must change, these bills we amass!”


My wife simply nodded, a smile did appear.
“It’s Christmas time honey, no reason to fear.
I called up some friends, they made a suggestion.
Switch to propane! It’s not even a question!”


I looked at my wife, befuddled, confused.
She laughed at my reaction, completely amused.
Propane you did say? That sounds hard and so strange.”
“Relax my dear husband, it’s all been arranged.”


I called the area leader, about making the switch.
They said it was simple, no risk of a glitch!
I actually set up a free in-home inspection.
A nice man came yesterday, without an objection.”


“He told me dear husband, our reduction in cost
with no decrease in warmth, not a degree would be lost!
Propane’s better than gas, and cheaper than oil,
and the change can be made without any turmoil!”


I love my wife, she’s so smart and so wise!
Taking the initiative to call up those guys!
“I’m so proud of you honey, the money we’ll save,
our utility expenses, so surely we’ll shave.


“You’ve got that right!” she smiled and said.
“And it gets even better, the schedule they read.
It’s great news, you will freak!
Our propane conversion happens early next week!”


I couldn’t believe it, so pleased, so shocked!
New propane clients? Let’s get this thing rocked!
Money to save and reliable fuel.
My head was spinning, this would be so darn cool!


Then my wife pulled me back, away from thoughts.
She reminded me quickly, connected the dots.
“I know what you’re thinking, a new t.v. you crave,
but must I remind you the promise you gave?”


I knew what she wanted, a romantic getaway trip.
I had to be careful, to not let it slip.
See, I planned a vacation for later next year
A full week of fun, our schedule to clear.


Now with the savings from our utility bills,
will let me add on some action filled thrills.
More shopping, exploring, a romantic night dinner,
this conversion to propane will make me a winner!


Merry Christmas From Thompson Gas!