4 Great Outdoor Uses for Propane Gas in the Fall

Propane Gas Outdoor Space


At ThompsonGas, we can help you, your family and your friends comfortably enjoy the cooler fall months outside by providing propane gas for your patio accessories. These accessories will help keep you warm and add to the ambience that increases the value of your home by helping to create a beautiful, functional outdoor living space!


Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular over the past few years and having one can increase your homes value. More and more homeowners are using these ideal spots to enjoy family and friends and an increasing number of home buyers are seeking this feature when looking for their new home.


  1.      Propane Gas Fireplaces

There are a number of choices available for outdoor propane gas fireplaces on the market today. Whether your style is rustic, modern or somewhere in between, there is certainly a fireplace available that will fit not only your decor, but chances are – your budget as well.


  1.     Propane Gas Space Heaters

Outdoor propane gas space heaters have come a long way! There are a number of beautiful propane gas space heaters on the market today that come in an array of prices. These heaters can greatly increase the visual appeal of your outdoor space, as well as help keep you warm on a cool fall evening. They are a popular item today for patio entertaining.


  1.     Propane Gas Fire Pits

Propane gas fire pits are another popular item on the market today. These come in a wide array of styles and prices as well. Many people are opting to use propane gas fire pits because they are not only attractive, but they also eliminate the worry about hot sparks and embers that tend to get carried off in the wind. Adjustable flames control the amount of heat and light that are emitted and many have the option of a covering when not in use, for use as a table. This is just one more propane gas feature that will certainly add to the appeal, value and comfort of your home!


  1.     Propane Gas Grills 

Propane gas grills are another fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space. They are by far the preferred type of grill as they heat up quickly, hold a steady temperature and are easy to clean… but best of all – propane gas is “green” and the foods cooked on these grills taste great! Propane gas grills also come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. Ranging from large elaborate built-in cooking spaces to the minimal stand-alone grill, it doesn’t matter which style you choose, your food will taste great!


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