ThompsonGas Helps New Homebuilders Save With Propane.

ThompsonGas Helps New Homebuilders Save With Propane.

Homebuilders, you can now confidently offer your new homebuyers the opportunity to save on their utility bills from the day they move in with our Home Builder Propane Program!


There’s much more uses for propane than just heating a home and providing hot water—and we’re here to help you convey all the benefits of propane to your new home clients. We’re one of the largest propane providers in the country, with a service area continuing to grow annually. Why not incorporate our propane experience into your new homebuilding packages, providing just one more reason for buyers to choose your homes and communities?


We understand everything that goes into planning a successful new home development. When you choose ThompsonGas, we will help you develop marketing materials and assist in providing features to highlight in your models and spec homes promoting the ease and affordability of using propane.


Imagine how thrilled potential homeowners will be when they realize all the benefits available when choosing to fuel their home with propane! You can dazzle them with an outdoor grill powered not with a refillable tank, but connected directly to their main tank. You can explain all the opportunities available with propane including the option for emergency power, tankless hot water heaters, outdoor lighting, efficient clothes drying—even incredible meals prepared in their state-of-the-art kitchen!


ThompsonGas will take care of obtaining all permits, tank installations, final connections and all safety checks. We will even provide all of the propane your business needs during the construction process!


Call us now at 1.800.768.6612 to learn more about our Exclusive Home Builder Propane Program!