2019 Home Propane Resolutions

Another year has passed and at ThompsonGas, we’re looking forward to 2019! It’s this time of year that people take a good hard look at themselves and determine which aspects of their lives need a change! Perhaps it’s also time to make some New Years Resolutions that will make your life at home a little more comfortable and definitely less stressful!

Here are just a few suggestions from your ThompsonGas family when it comes to your propane for home:

  1. Enroll in Our Autofill Program: With ThompsonGas’ auto-fill propane delivery service, you don’t have to worry about checking your tank gauge and calling in to schedule a refill. We take care of monitoring your usage, and we send a propane gas delivery truck to you when you’re getting low. It’s another way we maintain our commitment to our propane customers’ satisfaction and give you one less thing to worry about in 2019. To sign up for auto-fill service, call us today!
  2. Get your Family in our Level Monthly Payment Plan: We know that budgeting for tank fill-ups can be stressful, especially in the winter months. We take the stress out of budgeting by doing it for you! The Level Monthly Payment Plan is a great way to have similar monthly payments throughout the year based on your usage and price of gas rather than large one-time payments that you may not have budgeted for!
  3. Upgrade your Old Equipment: When is the last time you updated your space heater or water heater? Have you made the upgrade to high efficiency propane gas appliances? If not, then you may be wasting money every month on inefficient or outdated equipment. Upgrading to a new, high efficiency appliance like a propane space heater, water heater, or fireplace will often pay for itself in just a few years and is certainly worth the splurge! Head over to a ThompsonGas showroom near you to find out how we can help you with your propane home heating needs!
  4. Create a Cozy Outdoor Space: It’s been said that being outdoors is the best medicine. Perhaps the winter months put you off being outside and enjoying the fresh air, but what if you could enjoy being outside with your friends while also staying warm? We love cozy outdoor spaces that work in the winter and summer months!  Consider adding a propane powered fire pit to warm your patio or consider creating an outdoor kitchen space! Today’s propane-powered outdoor living equipment brings the ease to outdoor living in all seasons!! All you have to do is bring the friends and the hot chocolate and we will take care of the rest!

We at ThompsonGas wish you a VERY happy New Year! We are so thankful that you have chosen us for your propane service! We promise that your families safety and comfort will be our top concern this year and every year!