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Cooking the perfect steak with propane!

The ‘perfect steak’… just those two words make my mouth water. The first decision is what kind of steak do you love? For me that is an easy one: nothing grills like a rib eye. The cut is loaded with marbling and cooks up juicy and delicious. But, you may like New York, filet or…

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Let the Professionals Install Your Propane Appliances

Installing a new propane stove, tankless water heater or clothes dryer may seem like a relatively easy project, but, in fact, it’s a very big responsibility. It’s always a good idea to leave installation of any propane appliance to the professionals—and ThompsonGas is here to help. When It Comes in Propane Appliance Installation, Safety First When ThompsonGas…

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10 Tailgating Tips

Football season is almost here! It’s time to grab your jersey and fire up the propane grill. Start planning now to impress your family and friends. These tips will help you save lots of time on game day.  Make sure your grill is clean and you have plenty of propane. Nothing would be more disappointing,…

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