10 Tips to Hosting a Perfect Fall Fling

Fall is here and with fall comes Halloween parties, Thanksgiving celebrations, and Campfires! Whether your celebration is inside or outside, we have the perfect tips to grill up a picture-perfect Fall celebration.

  • Get Cozy – It may be warm during the day, but it will probably get chilly at night so keep your guests comfortable by providing some warmth with a space appropriate, propane patio heater! You may also consider a propane fueled campfire pit surrounded by fluffy pillows where guests can wind down with a s’more and a cocktail.
  • Keep Guests Entertained – Nothing says fall like corn hole boards and horse shoe rings! You could make things really interesting by having an end of the night sack race!
  • Use Seasonal Produce – Nobody wants to eat watermelon while wearing a sweater. Think grilled butternut squash and asparagus, juicy barbecue ribs or brisket, and pumpkin pie to get your guests in the festive spirit. Don’t forget to keep your grill clean and always keep an extra propane tank in case of emergency!
  • Lighting – Fall means the sun sets a bit earlier. Prepare accordingly by decorating with string lights for a cost-effective and fun lighting strategy.
  • Use Nature as your Décor – Forget fancy and expensive decorations and use what you have. Wax-dipped pinecones, fall-inspired wreaths, and pumpkins are great decorations.
  • Signature Cocktails – Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Do something easy like Baileys on the rocks or get creative and try something new. Warm drinks like a hot toddy are also great options!
  • Be Prepared – Keep extra seating, silverware, food, and propane on hand because you never know which of your guests will bring a plus one!
  • Keep it Casual – Family dining style is the way to go for fall events. Encourage guests to mingle, eat, and enjoy themselves.
  • Stay Safe – Darker nights and party vibes could lead to accidents so be sure to keep heaters, grills and campfires safely away from walls. Also be sure to keep propane tanks out of the way so people don’t trip or knock them over!

Have a Blast!