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Have You Ever Cooked A Turkey With Propane?

What’s a Thanksgiving feast without a crispy, juicy turkey? This Thanksgiving, consider ditching your old turkey prep and opting for home propane instead. Your propane grill is a good choice for cooking a turkey because the heat can be controlled by shutting off one or more burners, keeping the turkey at a steady temperature via…

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A Unique Topic For A Specialized Audience

As a frequent ThompsonGas blog reader you’re used to seeing a variety of topics covered each week. Everything from what type of grill is better to the advantages of installing propane appliances in your home. This week, however, we have a very unique article for a very specialized audience—The Propane Business Owner.

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Everything You Need To Know To Convert Your Fleet To Propane

If you’ve been following our blog for the past several months, (and of course you have!), you’re up to date regarding the increased popularity of schools, businesses and municipalities converting their fleets to operate on inexpensive, environmentally friendly propane. Perhaps you’ve been considering this move for your buses, trucks or warehouse vehicles, but you’re still…

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